The Massapequa Mustangs


A Non-profit organization

The Massapequa Mustangs are a Non Profit 501 c3 youth football organization that was founded by William Brown, back in 1958. Originally known as the 4H Club, the organization was quickly formed and given the name Mustangs. The Mustangs where the 2nd midget football organization formed on Long Island and started their first season on August 1st, 1958.


The Mustang Philosophy

The Massapequa Mustangs philosophy is to allow all children a chance to play and experience, teamwork, exercise, comradery and trust through the teachings of football and cheerleading. We encourage any and all children, regardless of size, sex, religious beliefs, ethnicity to sign up to play this great team sport!


Teaching and coaching

Over the years, the registration numbers have gone up and down but the teaching, coaching and philosophy has remained the same. Those involved within the Mustangs strive to keep the legacy of this proud youth football and cheerleading organization alive and strong.

Teamwork, Dicipline, Hard work, Success, Confidence

Over the past 57 years, the Mustangs Travel teams (ages 8-13) have
won 141 combined Championships and even won a National Championship
in 1972. All teams, whether Town or Travel, have the opportunity to
play a regular season, playoffs and a chance for a Championship.

Mustang Pride

Programs for both Boys and Girls

The Massapequa Mustangs offers football at a more competitive level, with its Travel Program, which runs form ages 8-13. It also offers a less competitive level within its Town Program, which runs from ages 7-13. Beginners, ages 4-6 can compete in full equipment in our Flag Football Program.

Cheerleading, which is not a competitive sport within the organization, does allow girls to cheer, also at the Travel and Town levels. Although not competitive, the cheerleading skills and practices are just as intense and hard as the football side.

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Safety is always first!

The Massapequa Mustangs are proud of the fact that each and every season, they are able to equip each and every football player, be it 4-6 yr. old flag or 7-13 yr. old tackle, with the most current and up to date equipment available, which helps to keep injuries to a youth sports minimum.
We are proud to boast that the Massapequa Mustangs Football
has fewer injuries then any other youth sport, in the Massapequa’s!

The Mustang Family!

The Massapequa Mustangs have become more than just another sports program in the town of Massapequa...
It is an ever growing
family between families!

The Massapequa Mustangs

  • Experienced Coaches


    All participants are trained by highly experienced coaches that are also high quality individuals who are inspired to help young people in our community reach their potential as athletes and as people.

  • For both Boys and Girls

    Teamwork and Opportunity

    The Massapequa Mustangs provide the perfect opportunity for boys and girls to be in a structured environment that will teach young people how interact and collaborate with other people within a team framework.

Massapequa Mustangs

Youth Football since 1958